Want To Start A New Career? How About Finance!

For some of us out there, we’ve known what we wanted to do with our lives from a young age. That road does take some twists and turns and sometimes you end up at a fork in the road career-wise. You can stay on the same path and navigate the perils of an unfulfilling vocation. Maybe it’s family obligations, the fear of trying something new, or it’s a trade that you make good money at, there are a multitude of reasons that employees stay at a job that may not be ideal.

For those who take a different path and strike out on a new career, it can be pretty harrowing at times and pretty rewarding as well. The old adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained” definitely applies here as those who switch careers midstream look to find something meaningful within their job. For those such people looking to try something different, there are plentiful opportunities within the world of Finance.

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Financial Planner

Financial planning is a line of work that frankly, we all should be doing in our own lives. How many amongst us set a monthly budget? Do we set aside enough money for retirement? How many of us look at investments and other opportunities to make our money grow over time? These are all questions that a good financial planner can answer for you and it’s a career that’s high in demand. Most of us in the real world are living paycheck-to-paycheck with hardly any savings built up. When you become a Financial Planner, you can help your clients achieve those goals of adulthood such as home ownership, a bountiful retirement plan, and a balanced budget.


Are you good at crunching numbers? Do you have an eye for the small details? Then perhaps the world of Accountancy is for you. Most people assume that Accountants only work during tax season, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Tax season is the busiest time of the year for Accounting as they do work on clients’ taxes and ready tax returns. Accountants also do monthly work for their clients such as bookkeeping and tax planning. CPA’s (Certified Public Accountants) also compile data for financial reports every quarter and are also available for IRS audits if needed. An Accountant needs to be accurate, dependable, and expedient, especially during the tax season.

Estate Planner

Similar to a Financial Planner, Estate Planners also help clients with preparation of financial matters. This line of work is geared towards Estates of loved ones who’ve passed on or are terminally ill. Everyone should have some form of contingency plan put into place upon their passing. Having a Will or Post-Mortem Directive will give surviving heirs and loved ones a plan with what will happen with your Estate. One needs not to look any further than the famous musician Prince for what happens when you don’t have a contingency plan in place. Estate Planners can help families with a clear vision forward with their loved one’s Estate.

Mortgage Broker

There are people out there who need financing for buying a house and there are lenders out there in search of these buyers. Who puts these two camps together to get the deal done? Mortgage brokers! Mortgage Brokerages can be a noisy climate as brokers are on phones constantly with clients and lenders. The premise seems simple on paper as borrowers are looking to get the best rates while lenders are looking to get the most interest in these deals. The mortgage broker’s aim is to try and get a deal together that will satisfy both parties with favorable terms. Part-Consultant and Part-Politician, the mortgage broker has to wear many hats to get the job done. It can be a rewarding experience to help a borrower get into a home that they didn’t think they could get through regular channels of lending.

Bank Teller

The Bank Teller is the person that sees the most action as they are the first face you see when you walk into a bank. In many ways, the bank teller is the face of the business as they are your direct representative of your bank. Every bank needs friendly bank tellers to be that first-line of quality customer service. This is also a good place to start your journey in the world of Finance as you can learn all of the basics needed for future promotion.