4 Smart Ways to Invest your Money

Most times, we always think that it is very easy to invest. We just believe that the most difficult part of getting money to invest. However, once you have the money, that is when you will realize that any wrong step could lose you the money or if you are lucky, get you only part of the money after some years after losing some. It is at this point that you start to appreciate how difficult it can be to invest. If you have some money that you want to invest, it could be daunting finding the right way to invest your money. This article will discuss 4 smart ways to invest your money if you have some money to invest.

Fixed Deposits
Fixed deposits is a very safe way of investing your money. The risk of losing your money to fixed savings is extremely low. All you have to do is look for a local reputable bank in your area and put your money in fixed savings account for a period. This could range from 3 months to years. After the period, you can go back to collect your money and profit. It is as easy as that. Your money is also treated as a deposit in the bank. Thus, you would be refunded if the bank, should for any reason, decide to close down.

Another smart way to invest your money is by investing in Gold. Gold is a commodity whose value continues to increase over time. The implication is that you would be with the gold, you could even be using it if it is a jewelry, and still, yet the price will continue to go up. Whenever you need your money, you could put it up for sale. Once it is not a desperate situation, you would get more for the gold than you paid for it. You just need to look for a reputable and honest store that buys gold. You can read about how to invest in gold to know more. Once your gold does not get stolen or missing, the price of the gold will continue to go up.

Investing in stocks is another way to invest your money. Stocks allow you to be a shareholder of a company and a part-owner of the organization. You can look for companies with potential and buy their stocks. As they continue to get closer to their full potential, the value of their stocks will continue to increase and so will your money start to increase as well.

Real Estate
If you have enough money, you can also go into real estate. Just like gold, the price of real estate scarcely ever goes down. There are places where you could get a land or property and within 5 years, the price of the property would have tripled. At the very least, the value of your property should continue to increase by a minimum of 15 percent of its value every year. Thus, investing in real estate is also a low-risk investment that is very profitable. You just need to make sure that you don’t get the property in a place that is natural disaster-prone or notorious for criminal activities. Once this is not the case, the price of your property would continue to go up.

Benefits of having a credit card while traveling

Benefits of having a credit card while traveling
There are many things that we would need when we are traveling. The things we will need range from our passports and visas to our personal effects that we want to take with us on the trip. We would also need to have enough money with us for the duration of the trip. As opposed to moving around with cash, we could get a credit card. Here are some of the benefits of having a credit card while traveling.

Eliminates the need to move around with cash
Moving around with cash can be very risky. Apart from the fact that the cash can be stolen, your life could be at risk when you move around with cash. With credit cards, on the other hand, all your money will be on the little card. Thus, you won’t have to bother much about theft as even if your credit card is stolen, they would be able to use it unless they get the pin. Furthermore, it is possible to instantly block the credit card to make it unusable with your bank app if the card is stolen or misplaced.

Can be directly used for payment
Most stores have a POS terminal where all they need to do is swipe your credit card to get paid for any products or services you have ordered. With this, you don’t have to always make withdrawals, saving you time and ATM charges. These POS transactions are mostly completely free. Thus, you can easily make payments at hotels, supermarkets, grocery stores, and bars among many others.

Can be used to access cash
If you are short of cash, you can easily visit the nearest ATM to withdraw money. If you are in a foreign country, you might lose some money to forex and ATM charges. This is why you might want to get a free online bank account as most of these banks serve people from different countries. Based on this, you don’t have to bother about the forex and ATM charges since they allow withdrawal to multiple currencies as they also locally serve the people in most countries you will be visiting.

Can help you save money
Most credit cards have partners in virtually everything that range from hotels and supermarkets to fuel stations and mechanic workshop. Using your card in their partner stores will afford your discounts. You might want to check out the list of the partners of your credit cards and how many percent discounts you get for patronizing which partner and after spending how much. With this, you would be enjoying the same privileges with others and paying less.

Credit limit
Credit cards mostly come with a credit limit. With the credit limit, it means you can continue to spend after you have emptied your account until you reach your credit limit. Thus, it would be more difficult to get stranded as you can continue to spend after you run out of money. In most cases, once you pay back the credit within a short while, you might not have to pay any interest on it or it would be minimal.

How to Day Trade Forex Using the News

Every day, billions of pounds, euros and dollars are traded on the Forex markets. The foreign exchange markets provide an opportunity to make money by buying a currency when it has a low value, and exchanging it again when its market value has recovered.

The values of currencies can change greatly in response to a number of factors, including world events and the release of government and business reports. Forex traders can make quick profits from this by anticipating the changes in the markets and buying a currency before its value increases.

Here is a quick guide on ways to use the news and current events to create profitable opportunities on the foreign exchange markets, so you too can take advantage of this fast growing and popular investment strategy.

Know Your Trades – The Directional Bias

One of the most common and profitable ways to trade on forex markets is with a ‘directional bias’.

Having a directional bias refers to when you expect a market to move in a particular direction when an upcoming report is released, or a scheduled event takes place that has the power to influence the foreign exchange markets.

An election is a good example of this, as the results of a government election can change the value of a country’s currency. A forex trader who is confident on the result of an election can buy currency based on the movement in the market they expect when the winner is announced, often reaping huge profits when they do so.

The Non-Directional Bias – When You Know a Change is Coming

A non-directional bias trade is when you know that some big news is going to create a big change in the market, but you don’t know which direction currency prices will move.

With these trades, timing is the most important factor. You have no bias towards which way the market will move, but you need to be there when it does in order to make the right timely trades to make a profit. With this type of trading, you need several strategies planned, so when the market turns in whichever direction, you have a plan in place and know what to do.

How Do I Get Involved with Forex Trading?

Anyone can start forex trading, but you are going to need to find a foreign exchange broker to help you make the trades and advise you.

If you are having difficulty choosing a forex broker from all the options out there, a good idea is to check online reviews and reports from other people just like you who have decided to start forex trading as a part of their investment strategy. You should also research the history of any broker you are interested in and see what level of success they have had in the past, and what the type of services they offer to their clients.

With the right strategy, information and help, anyone can begin to trade on the foreign exchange markets and begin to build themselves a profitable portfolio of trades.

How to Maximise Returns on Your Savings?

If you have a regular savings account, you must be aware of the low rates of interest that you have to do with from financial institutions such as banks. However, following March 2009, interest rates have pretty much remained the same everywhere and they could take a further dip rather than going up. This is bad news for investors as well as average money savers. Find out how to get maximum returns on your savings.

Venture Capital

You can make a lot of money from venture capital companies, such as Kickstarter, which offer your money on loan to various small businesses. It is possible to get a handsome return. The profit margin can be very high, and there is the joy to be associated with the development of a startup that could get big in the coming days.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

This is a very fast growing industry, where you can invest on a proven platform. Your potential of risks is minimized with credit checks and standard applications. You can find a wider variety of potential targets in this industry, and it is important to take some time to consider every possible alternative. You can make over 5% earnings on your funding after investment, which makes peer to peer lending a good passive income generator.

Property Funds

It has long been a trusted way of earning high amounts on savings. Even if you are a novice in this area, you could find many residential and commercial properties to invest in and get small shares from the profits that are reaped. It is possible to get many such funds these days. It is a good idea to make small investments into various properties instead of investing all your money into a single property unit. Although the return rates vary across property investments, you can get returns as high as about 8%.

Mini Bonds

These stand apart from run of the mill public bonds, and offer significantly higher rates. While making investments in mini bonds, you are practically loaning money from a company to bolster its growth. Thus, you need to have confidence about the long-term prospects of every company. As these bonds cannot be transferred, you will have your money tied up for some months. However, you can enjoy the best rates. The rates of interest differ a lot across providers, but you could get interest rate as high as 8% with major investment firms.

How to Transfer Your Funds When Studying Abroad?

Before studying abroad, you have to think about many important things – such as where you will stay, whether you have appropriate course material for your studies, whether you are aware about the culture of the country etc. However, there is another important factor to think about – transferring your monthly abroad for overseas studying. Find out how to do so.

Look at the exchange rate

Keep in mind that exchange rates tend to fluctuate throughout the day, and it can be tough for you to understand whether you are having a fantastic deal. You can also understand whether you have to wait for better rates. There are lots of platforms to help you in the process by letting you create a notification system for the exchange rate that you want.

Know about bank fees on overseas transfer costs

Check with the bank that you have an account in, and know about the overseas rate of transfer for the amount you wish to send. The rate will differ between banks. This is not often the cheapest way to have your funds wired. Although the percentage of transfer fee for the bank might not appear to be large when viewed overall, it can be huge when you apply the rate to the transfer of a large amount – as in case of a tuition fee.

Compare funds transfer service rates

You can think about making use of a web-based money transfer service for sending money instead of directly having it transferred from your own bank account. A number of web-based money transfer services are capable of scheduling your overseas payments regularly, which can ensure timely transfer of money, and you can set it up when the year begins. Opting for a funds transfer service has many advantages. It makes the whole process more convenient and can also save costs for you. Some of these services have a strict no-transfer 24X7 fee policy and there are no extra expenses to expect.

Know about the payment window

You might have to pay late fee penalty if you do not make a timely payment. You have to be on time with your exchange rate. It is important to know when tuition fees for every semester are due for you and make sure that you pay exactly on time. You need to know the details before your course begins and your academic institution will also be capable of informing you on request.

How to Save More and Spend Less?

Do you fret over your expenses every month and your inability to save more money? This is a common problem plaguing most homes for all times, and is usually the result of poor planning with finances. The secret to higher savings is to spend less on unnecessary items and stick mainly to the basics. These useful tips will help you to minimize your expenses and ensure more savings.

List all the non-essentials

Make a list of all the items that you find unnecessary in your home, and which you could do without. This could be a costly magazine you have subscribed to, an expensive clothing or shoe that you use only rarely, food items or drinks that you can cut down on, costly gym membership card etc. You can stop spending on some of these, and vow never to splurge on similar items.

Reduce your energy bills

Energy expenses along with medical bills are one of the biggest expenses. You can lower your energy bills by having your clothes air dried rather than drying them in a washer, turning off the lights when you are not around for even a short while, choosing a reduced temperature setting for your washes etc. All these small savings can add up to save you a few hundred bucks every year.

Opt for cheaper brands

For stuffs that you cannot do without, a good idea is to opt for cheaper brands. Change your supplier or brand, and you will find out how getting accustomed to a small drop in quality can ensure big savings for you. You should try comparing rates at various shops to find out which ones offer products at a cheaper price.

Roll your money

The best way to save more is to roll your money. Open up another savings account and ensure that your money is being rolled for you, ensuring the best earnings. If you wish to obtain the best rates, it is important to switch accounts. You will also like to place all your savings into Help to Buy ISA or some other policy or put the money into a good pension plan, in order to obtain a higher return.

Consolidate your debts

Give up paying back loans on different credit cards and consolidate all your loans to a new loan with a lower rate of interest. With loan consolidation on a new credit card, you can make huge savings on your debt payments every month.

Why You Should Consider Investing In an Electric Car?

As latest statistics point out, motorists are starting to switch to ‘Alternately fuelled” cars from the ones that run on ‘conventional’ fuels such as diesel and petrol. Although electric cars are still rare enough on the roads, the change has started to happen. The clear air plans established by the Government obviously has a big part to play in this change. However, it is still some time and hurdles before electric cars begin to be prominent. Find out why you should consider investing in an electric car.


Electric cars are still quite expensive, although some newer models today are cheaper to buy. The one with the lowest price tag is available at about 14,000 pounds. However, the Government is extending a grant to motorists which could knock off as much as 4,000 pounds from your total purchase amount. This can make the switch worthwhile, or at least worth considering.

Great bang for your bucks

These cars can offer you great bang for your bucks. For every mile, you will have to pay about quarter of the costs that you spend on petrol or diesel. This can ensure high savings on your operational expenses. If you will only be driving in the capital, you will not have to deal with any congestion charges or road taxes. Thus, you can recoup your investment on such cars quickly. This can amount to saving a lot over time.

Longer battery life

Many manufacturers have managed to overcome the problem of short battery life that has been plaguing electric cars for a long time. In the last couple of years, the technology has progressed significantly. Thus, you can run these cars for more time on just one full charge. Even a small battery can offer a range of about 90 miles while bigger ones can let you drive for as long as 335 miles.

More charging points

With more and more charging points being set up, the problem of shorter battery life is minimized further. A survey conducted by the OVO showed that many people are disinclined to switch to electric cars due to insufficient charging points on the road. However, in a few years the total number of charging points has grown to more than 13,000 from just 2,812 when the survey was conducted. Every month, a few hundred are being added to this figure. By 2020, the number is expected to surpass that of petrol stations.

6 Ways Women Waste Money

Women have always been accused of being spendthrift, wasting money on cosmetics and accessories such as shoes and designer handbags. Although women have been proven to be better at personal monetary management, many women are known to spend on silly items. Find out about 6 ways women waste money.

Same types of clothes and accessories

A peek into their wardrobe shows how many of them spend on the same types of apparels over and over again. There is hardly anything wrong with buying 2 – 3 pairs. However, buying 20 pairs of the same type of jeans, purses or shoes indicate more than a fetish. Many women also buy apparels on a whim, never really wearing them, and going for clothes of the wrong size, color, style or shape.

Wasting on new cosmetic products

Whether it comes to the latest creams, body lotions, powders or other beauty and cosmetic products, many women are wooed by the glitzy ad campaigns and end up wasting money on them.

Splurging on snacks and lunch

Women also have a habit of spending on fruit smoothie, bacon butty, latte and other treats more than men, and their choice could be attributed to hormonal impulse, depression or anxiety. Packing home cooked foods to workplace for lunch could take longer, and can save you a lot of money other than keeping you healthy and letting you shed excess fat.

Spending on expensive diet supplements

While the pressure to look slim can be understood, women are undoubtedly wasting a lot on weight loss supplements that do little for their body. These are mainly useless and the hopes of looking like supermodels or top showbiz personalities remain only a dream. It is better to save money on them.

Wasting on bottled water

Many women feel that bottled water is the only safe water to be found today, and spend a lot on them every day. However, filtered water from the tap is just as fine and comes mostly free of cost. It is better to purchase a water filter if you are unable to drink water directly from the tap.

Spending on basic services

Women put off some types of task as “men’s jobs”, such as changing a light bulb, installing a shelf or setting up an internet connection, and hire service providers for them. There are lots of useful instructional videos available on YouTube that can let you save money on these services.

Let’s Talk About Bitcoin

Bitcoin has experienced many highs and lows these past few weeks that have made investors both interested and wary of the product. Some consumers are considering the possibility of staking a claim in the digital currency because they are convinced that cryptocurrency is the new wave of local and international trading. So what is Bitcoin and why should consumers be concerned about its successes and failures?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that has its existence in data only. The cybermoney has no value outside of its digital sphere, which makes it different from traditional bank accounts in which currency online is backed by real dollars and coins that are withdrawable at the consumer’s financial institution. Still, even with its lack of value outside of the cyber world, Bitcoin is a safe way to trade anonymously online because of its encrypted digital wallet that can either be saved online or printed and kept in the office.

What are Bitcoin’s Limitations?

Many financial companies deem Bitcoin as the wave of the future. Corporate Business Solutions reviews, for instance, may even lean towards endorsing the cryptocurrency in the near future. No one, however, can acknowledge or approve of the innovative nature of Bitcoin without also shedding light on its roadblocks. The cybermoney has an impeccable encrypting system that resembles that of an unbreakable chain. Bitcoin also has a public policy that allows anyone to see how much currency is in a person’s wallet. Saving Bitcoins online is convenient, but the repercussions are quite daunting since there is no way to retrieve money lost in a software crash that affects a user’s online wallet. All of these concerns along with the recent rise in cyber thieves using Ransomware to demand cybermoney from users is why some investors are wary of Bitcoins.

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

Consumers may not feel comfortable investing all of their savings into a cyber currency model that is still in its infancy, but they should consider contributing some funds to the Bitcoin movement. Japan recently approved the form of cyber money as a legal means of paying for goods. Other parts of Asia are viewing cryptocurrency in a more favorable light as well, and the United Kingdom has plans of rolling out Bitcoin ATM machines in coming months. Even with its recent $300 loss of value in the United States’ market, one Bitcoin still equals more than $2,000 in trading value. Investors looking to expand their portfolios by buying into something with a high probability of turning major profits in the future should consider the Bitcoin.


The governments of many countries take on massive debt, why can’t you? That seems to be popular reasoning these days as consumers have more household debt than ever before. As you make minimum monthly payments, it is easy to ignore your debt. However, we are going to show you why managing and getting out of debt is imperative.

You Are Basically Giving Your Money Away

When you do not have a plan for paying off your debt, it takes much longer to settle your account, and you pay much more. Let’s look at an example. For instance, you have a £5,000 credit card debt with 14% APR and a minimum monthly payment of £100. If you continue to pay £100 per month, it will take you over six years to pay off the debt, and you will pay £2,548 in interest. On the other hand, if you can pay £200 a month, the debt will be gone in two-and-a-half years, and you will pay less than £1,000 in interest.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Many of us are okay with just scraping by…until disaster strikes. Whether your truck blows a head gasket, you need to fly to visit a terminally ill loved one, or you break a leg, unexpected expenses can throw a family into turmoil. And, when you have a ton of debt, you may be in even worse shape.

Part of managing your debt sensibly is being prepared for these emergencies so you do not have to go into even more debt to deal with them. This might mean squirreling away a thousand dollars before you start making extra payments. This will also go a long way in giving you peace of mind.

What Are You Going To Do when You Retire?

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, you probably haven’t given retirement much thought. And, as we get used to ignoring retirement and taking on house payments, plans for saving towards retirement fall to the wayside. What will you do when you are 65 and unable to work any longer?

When you have your debt under control, it is easier for you to start saving for retirement. And, the sooner you start, the more comfortable your twilight years will be. For example, if you are 30 and start putting away $200 per month in mutual funds with a strong track record (10+ percent annual growth rate), you can expect to have over £76,000 per year (for 20 years) to tide you over when you retire at 65.