Top 7 Tips for a frugal fun Christmas

Christmas is very expensive because people put themselves under serious pressure to buy more and more expensive gifts for their families and friends, trying to outdo one another. Most gifts are given as an obligation rather than real joy. The exchange of gifts to family members, friends and acquaintances may create a real challenge in your wallet and leave you feeling financially bitter after the event. Why can’t you give your wallet a break this Christmas season? Frugal does not mean you give up the fun aspect of Christmas, it simply means looking for options that can realise the same results without eliminating the fun. If you are willing to save money this Christmas, here are some of the top 7 tips for a frugal fun Christmas.

1. Prepare a Christmas budget

Sit down with either your family or friends to decide on the things you need for the Christmas celebration. Always remember all-important money mantras when buying: if you are about to buy, ask yourself can you afford it, will you use it and is it worth if you decide to buy it? If one of your answers to these questions is no, don’t buy it. Impulse buying is one of the biggest problems resulting into overspending. So, it is important to prepare a budget before you get out shopping for Christmas.

2. Reduce the number of gifts you buy

Regardless of how great gift you buy, once you buy lots gifts, you will hit a wall of diminishing returns. This is because some of the gifts won’t be received with much enthusiasm and will easily be tossed aside. So, focus on three or four quality gifts instead of piling lots of unnecessary gifts. As a parent, if you focus on this tactic, you will be able to give very memorable Christmas gifts to your kids within a budget.

3. Decorate Christmas tree naturally

Make almost everything on your Christmas tree naturally and edible, from lights to sentimental ornaments. It is pretty inexpensive as virtually everything is edible or can naturally be composted or recycled. This makes a beautiful tree that has extra meaning since it synonymously reflects your values.

4. Use homemade decoration and treats

Look for cheap yet awesome decoration ideas, when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. Around the Christmas holiday, you will find hundreds of ideas for cheap and beautiful decorating ideas you can undertake yourself: even if you are not good at doing such stuffs. Besides, it is more fun to make Christmas treats with your kids on a Saturday before Christmas. It will cut you the cost of buying expensive treats from the mall or selected shops.

5. Eliminate superfluous expenses

All Christmas gifts do not need a bow or expensive packaging. Do gift bags have expensive decorations on them? Eliminate the embellishments and rationalise your gift wrapping. Actually, most of these packaging ends up in the dustbin, anyway. A frugal Christmas is still a Christmas!

6. Free public events

It is a common knowledge that Christmas is family time, but one of the greatest ways to spend that time together as a family is to attend a public event. Although most public events charge some admission fees, it is important to know where to go. Christmas is a great day for events: drama, theatre, Christmas light displays and a lot of live shows. Some of these shows are free, while others cost a few pounds for a seat. Either way, it is much cheaper than hosting similar events for your family and friends. Do some research to find a bunch of cool Christmas event that your family or friends will enjoy.

7. Drop perfectionism

The fact that you can define your ideal Christmas, making choices and taking actions to bring that into reality isn’t about making the celebration perfect. It is simply about living your Christmas life they way you want. If you are true to yourself, feeling more peaceful, joyful and contented, then you love the Christmas celebration. Perfectionism may seem more realistic at Christmas and adds extra pressure, but what if the event is not perfect? The day won’t end. Just like the CMC Markets, if you find yourself going towards perfectionism, think twice. You might spend more during the holiday season and struggle when new year begins. Live your Christmas celebration according to what is important, not perfectionism.

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