How to Reduce Waste in your Business

All companies need to reduce waste as much as possible. That’s the kind of constant effort that needs to be taken in every company, not only to pollute less as to reduce costs and increase its competitiveness.

Here are some ways you can reduce waste in your business:

1 – Start purchasing office supplies more effectively

If you start purchasing office supplies on a deep discount office supplies chain or using a reuse store, you can have massive savings on your office supplies items, and greatly reduce waste on your business. The best way to do it is to start by limiting the purchase of some items like scissors, tape, pens and pencils. That will reduce redundant purchases and reduce the waste.

Then you need to shop around for the best prices. Make sure you’re only buying what you really need and that you buy it at the best price.
2 – Upgrade your printer

Most businesses tend to use their printer until it breaks for good. But that’s not always the best solution. Modern printers keep getting more and more efficient, so just by using a modern printer you will save money in ink and printing costs. Modern printers also tend to have fewer problems than old printers, so you’ll slightly reduce your paper waste too.

If your business prints a lot, you need to make sure if you should keep your current printer or upgrade it to a more recent model. That can save you so much that the printer would pay itself in the short term.
3 – Electronics and office apparel

Just like a new printer can save you money and reduce waste, new electronics and computers might save you especially on the electric bill. Electronics and computers have evolved a lot over the last few years, and every year they become faster and use less energy.
4 – Reduce on food and cafeteria

If your business has a break room or a cafeteria, one of the most common wastes is on the tableware. Most businesses tend to use disposable tableware which greatly increases the costs and the waste. If you’re looking to reduce waste in your business, you can replace that disposable tableware and use reusable cups, plates, mugs, and flatware.
5 – Recycle everything you can

Few things can help your company become greener and reduce waste as much as recycling.

Just by color coding the recycle bins on your company, your employees will start to recycle much more.
6 – Use recycled paper

Sometimes recycled paper can even be cheaper than regular paper. So, you can use recycled paper at least for some of your printing and office needs and become greener while you reduce the waste and the costs at the same time.
7 – Make scratch pads from used paper

If you have large quantities of printed paper, you can reuse some of this used paper to make scratch pads. That will allow you to use material that was considered as waste by now, so the savings in something as simple can be exponential.

As you can see, there are lots of different ways of reducing waste in your company. In order to successfully reduce this waste and save money is by looking at where the money goes in your office, and where you’re spending more money than you should.

Consider upgrading your electronics, computers, and printer and make sure your equipment helps you reducing the costs and remain competitive.

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