What Leads Certain Senior Care Facilities to Be Successful?

Forward and Honor are startups that are attempting to change how we interact with healthcare, with both initiatives being run by entrepreneurs with no discernible experience in health. Even though this inexperience may be alarming to some, it may be the breath of fresh air that the senior healthcare industry needs to meet the ever-growing demands of a US population who are living longer but are still inundated with health issues.

Honor and Senior Care

Co-founded by entrepreneur Seth Stern berg, Honor seeks to reinvent residential care home facilities, underlining individual autonomy later in life. Honor uses a web and phone application portal to connect homes with potential caregivers, skipping the sometimes-bureaucratic process of attaining help. Not only does it help families connect with caregivers, but a review process also provides feedback to the caregiver, ensuring an authentic partnership and companionship between patient and professional.

Citing the risks of fraud and fragmentation in the healthcare industry, Stern berg’s objective is to provide families with a straightforward, succinct answer to assisted living. This is done by using a series of profiles to allow health professionals and patients the chance to screen each other. Instead of guessing if a professional is allergic to cats or if they are compatible with your family’s schedule, you’ll be able to pinpoint an appropriate professional instantly. Honor pinpoints variables in its server, and the output is comprehensive care right on your phone or computer.

Forward: AI Meets Healthcare

Forward is simply an experience compared to the traditional doctor’s visit. Patients are greeted by a person on an iPad to register visitors, right before they go through a full body scanner to measure parameters that are then outputted into Forward’s AI algorithms. This gathering of parameters makes Forwards AI “smarter”, helping doctors pinpoint symptoms with precision. After an examination, patients are then given a wearable device to measure vitals and relay information to caregivers in real time.

Costs are a reoccurring pain point, especially for retirees or those in advanced age. According to Deportee, the typical co-pay for a visit to a physician is about $25, with costs doubling for specialists. Forward remove the bureaucracy of healthcare and insurance, with a one size fits all price of $149 a month. Even though it may be a bit more expensive, Forward provides more than a traditional doctor’s visit. You will have access to visits whenever you need it, screenings, access to nursing professionals over email, and a wearable device for live monitoring.

Tools implemented by Forward and Honor can be used to break away from availability problems, and simplify the labor cost curve and temper it with the help of technology. It can streamline the day to day activities and transactions in senior care facilities with the aid of technology.

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