6 Ways Women Waste Money

Women have always been accused of being spendthrift, wasting money on cosmetics and accessories such as shoes and designer handbags. Although women have been proven to be better at personal monetary management, many women are known to spend on silly items. Find out about 6 ways women waste money.

Same types of clothes and accessories

A peek into their wardrobe shows how many of them spend on the same types of apparels over and over again. There is hardly anything wrong with buying 2 – 3 pairs. However, buying 20 pairs of the same type of jeans, purses or shoes indicate more than a fetish. Many women also buy apparels on a whim, never really wearing them, and going for clothes of the wrong size, color, style or shape.

Wasting on new cosmetic products

Whether it comes to the latest creams, body lotions, powders or other beauty and cosmetic products, many women are wooed by the glitzy ad campaigns and end up wasting money on them.

Splurging on snacks and lunch

Women also have a habit of spending on fruit smoothie, bacon butty, latte and other treats more than men, and their choice could be attributed to hormonal impulse, depression or anxiety. Packing home cooked foods to workplace for lunch could take longer, and can save you a lot of money other than keeping you healthy and letting you shed excess fat.

Spending on expensive diet supplements

While the pressure to look slim can be understood, women are undoubtedly wasting a lot on weight loss supplements that do little for their body. These are mainly useless and the hopes of looking like supermodels or top showbiz personalities remain only a dream. It is better to save money on them.

Wasting on bottled water

Many women feel that bottled water is the only safe water to be found today, and spend a lot on them every day. However, filtered water from the tap is just as fine and comes mostly free of cost. It is better to purchase a water filter if you are unable to drink water directly from the tap.

Spending on basic services

Women put off some types of task as “men’s jobs”, such as changing a light bulb, installing a shelf or setting up an internet connection, and hire service providers for them. There are lots of useful instructional videos available on YouTube that can let you save money on these services.

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